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“When he closed his eyes, his heart was opened”

Daily Prompt: Kick It

I never wrote down the things I want to accomplish before I die. But I guess this is where I start with the 11th item on my bucket list: watch all the episodes of my series DVD’s stacked in my shelf and continue to grow my collection.


I love crime-solving TV shows.

I waited for Detective School Q, a Japanese anime show, to air on Animax every evening in 2004. I watched CSI:Miami, CSI, and CSI:NY on Spike all day, everyday during my first two weeks in Canada. I spent countless hours watching marathons of Criminal Minds and NCIS on A&E in the last five years. I checked On Demand daily for new episodes of Castle, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS and NCIS:LA.

I never tired of them. And because I love (DVD) sets, I bought the first seven seasons of NCIS as a present to myself three Christmases ago. At the same time, I received the first five seasons of Criminal Minds. Months after, I bought the first two seasons of Castle and the first season of CSI:NY on separate occasions. I received the first season of NCIS:LA and the third and fourth seasons of Castle during our family Secret Santa on the next two Christmases.

I have seen only the first two seasons of Castle and of Criminal Minds, as well as the first season of NCIS:LA and of NCIS.

My goal is to watch the rest of my DVD’s amidst the demands of school, work, family, and social life. I will acquire the later seasons of these shows plus Hawaii Five-0, as well as get my hands on copies of Community, Guys with Kids, New Girl, Modern Family, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Once Upon A Time, and The Walking Dead.