The Uncreative Mind Speaks


on January 19, 2013

Every person has a creative spirit. According to Goleman and Kaufman in their article entitled “The Art of Creativity”, the creative spirit encourages us to innovate, explore new ways of doing things, and bring dreams of reality. It is the inspiration to do something new, exciting, and fun according to each person’s desires and interests. Creativity is about changing the routine for the sake of changing it. It is about creating new patterns from things and ideas that are already in place. It is about letting go and taking down the barriers of self-censorship. It is about being free from surveillance, evaluation, competition, overcontrol, and pressure (Creativity Killers) that are all imposed by the home environment and the demands of school. It is being in a state of no-mindedness, or of just doing. It is being in a moment of harmony when self-consciousness disappears and when time stops to matter. Creativity is about taking risks and breaking the rules.

I think my creative spirit is paralyzed inside of me. It is trapped within. Self-censorship has built huge walls around it. The Creativity Killers have terrorized my creative spirit that it has become comfortable sitting inside this wall of defence. So far, this censorship has protected my ego from being bruised by others’ judgment. It has built a strong defence that even the good that is the creative spirit cannot penetrate it. However, my creative spirit breaks free once in a while. It leaps over the barriers of self-censorship and brings me to a state of no-mindedness until it is swallowed back into darkness. My creative spirit coaxes me to take the risk of breaking down this barrier and freeing it.


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