The Uncreative Mind Speaks

New Year’s

on January 2, 2013

Daily Prompt: Stroke of Midnight

Two hours before the stroke of midnight at January 1, 2013, my family piles up in the living room. Cath turns on the TV and switches between the Times Square and Nathan Phillips Square NYE shows. We sing along to the performances. We talk amongst ourselves as we comment on the shows.

“Aren’t they online yet?” Mom asks as I glance at my Facebook Messages page. We wait some more for our cousins to go on Skype so we can talk to them, catch up, and greet them a happy
new year.

“No, they aren’t. Ate Faye said Nanay’s sleeping while Jewel said they’re having lunch first.” Ate Faye is my dad’s niece, Jewel is my mom’s.

I switch windows and open My Documents, find my sound projects, and say, “Cath, I finally have my sound projects here! Turn down the volume and I’ll play them.” She ignores me.

I play my sound commercial and soundscape that I made with The Lights Out Crew. I love these products of hardwork and fun. I hope someone would listen and say something.


Ten minutes before midnight, my phone rings. I eagerly answer and move away from the living room. Kevin talks on the other line. A smile spreads across my face as I listen to his beautiful voice against the loud, chaotic noise of my family.

At the stroke of midnight, I sit at the bottom of the stairs, wishing I was with him.


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